Do you want to make your training rooms more exciting, engaging, and enjoyable overall? We can help!

Training Rooms that Engage Employees

If you want to make your training room more enjoyable and avoid the typical conference room layout, there are a few different ways to accomplish this. These include:


  • Comfortable seating
  • An accessible room layout
  • High-quality tables and desks
  • Mobile furniture
  • Storage for training equipment


Let’s take a look at each of these in more detail.

Provide Comfortable Seating

In any learning environment, it is crucial to provide your learners or trainees with the most comfortable seating that you can. Let’s be honest — no one is going to want to be engaged with the material in front of them if their chair is uncomfortable.


Sitting for long periods of time can lead to back pain and decreased focus, so make sure you have the best seating possible. To do this, take a look at some of the affordable and comfortable office chairs we offer.

Have an Accessible Room Layout

To make sure that your training room can efficiently facilitate your lesson, we suggest turning your two-person workstations into one. This decreases the number of trainees sitting at each desk and allows each employee to be more comfortable so they can focus on the material being presented.


We also highly recommend using individual desks. This keeps the room open and facilitates a positive working environment.

Use High-Quality Tables and Desks

A successful training room always incorporates high-quality, sturdy, and appealing tables and desks. If you want to use multiple-person workstations, make sure they’re of the best quality possible. Because a training room is likely to be used quite a bit over time, this can ensure that your equipment stays in good condition for years to come.

Make Use of Mobile Office Furniture

Another great way to keep the training room open and accessible is to utilize mobile furniture, especially mobile workstations. Rather than sitting behind a desk the entire time, getting up and engaging in physical activities can keep your trainees focused. This also allows presenters to quickly and easily move furniture around to meet the needs of the training material.

Provide Storage for Your Trainees

If your training room isn’t located near a storage closet or some sort of storage unit for personal belongings, this can cause issues. Items will likely end up on the floor, desk, or the back of chairs. This can increase clutter and decrease the accessibility of the room. Provide storage cabinets for personal items, as well as for training equipment, to keep things clean and clear.

Enhance Your Training Room

When it comes to high-quality furniture for your training room, there is no better place to go than Office Furniture Direct! Reach out to discover our wide array of products or talk with a team member about custom solutions for your training spaces.

What would you say if we told you that you could improve your workplace productivity with one simple change? It sounds impossible, but with standing workstations, you can do just that.

Standing Can Benefit Your Workplace

There are a variety of scientifically proven benefits of standing (as opposed to sitting) while working.


Standing workstations are guaranteed to:


  • Reduce pain and discomfort
  • Increase energy levels
  • Promote increased brain power and improved focus


By reducing pain caused by sitting, you can focus more on your work and therefore increase your productivity. There are also a multitude of accessories for your standing workstations that can make standing at your desk more enjoyable! If this is something you’re interested in, keep reading!

Reduce Pain and Discomfort

Sitting all day can be extremely uncomfortable. The human body was not made to be seated for long periods of time, and doing so often leads to chronic back pain, joint pain, and even headaches. All of this pain can be distracting, which can lead to decreased productivity.


If you want to eliminate this discomfort, standing workstations can be a good addition to your workplace. Office Furniture Direct has high-quality standing workstations that are comfortable, height-adjustable, and designed to reduce discomfort.

Increase Energy Levels

Sitting all day can be more tiring than you’d think. It has been proven that taking a break to walk around in small bursts throughout the day improves your energy levels. Standing workstations facilitate that.


Being on your feet can help you to avoid the mid-afternoon slump and aid in increased focus and productivity. By not being restricted to a chair all day, you’ll be able to move around and maintain high energy levels throughout the day.

Promote Increased Brain Power and Improved Focus

The act of standing increases the circulation of oxygen to your brain. On the other hand, sitting all day slows down the rate of circulation, which can affect your blood flow over time.


The part of your brain that is responsible for critical thinking receives a portion of these new cells, which allows you to be more focused on the task at hand. Engaging in frequent movement also releases endorphins, which are the hormones responsible for reducing stress and promoting good moods.

Reap the Benefits of Standing Workstations

Ready to discover the benefits of standing workstations for your office? Reach out to us to discover a wide array of options!



Nothing says boring like a standard grey cubicle. There’s no personality, no pizzazz, and nothing that makes it unique. You might not even be sure if anyone works in a dry, boring cubicle. Fortunately, you can customize your cubicle to bring in some personality to your home away from home.

Today, we’re going to take a look at five of the best ways to customize your cubicle that will showcase your personality and make it a more enjoyable place to work.

Add a Desk Lamp

One of the unfortunate facts about office life is that it typically pulls you away from windows and sunlight. This can have detrimental effects on your mood. You can help to minimize these effects by adding a simple lamp to your desk. You don’t need to buy a fancy lamp made of salt — any type of lamp with soothing lights will do well for you.

Display Weekly Flowers

Nothing has a more dramatic effect on the mood in your cubicle than fresh plants. While they won’t last forever, you should make it a habit to regularly pick up fresh flowers and plants. You can even grab a fresh bouquet on your way into work every Monday, so you’ll always have something nice, bright, and filled with life.

Pick a Color Theme

Color themes are popular for cars, clothes, and websites; why not with cubicles, too? Pick a color theme with a palette of three or four different colors. Once picked, buy a number of things in the chosen color scheme and decorate your cubicle. You might be surprised at how much a themed cubicle can impact your mood.

Use Photos of Loved Ones

Raid your loved ones’ social media accounts and download any pictures that you like. With their permission, have those pictures printed and framed. Bring them into your cubicle and you’ll see their smiling faces staring back at you all week long. There are some services that will even print from social media and send you the framed pictures, too.

Use a Personalized Calendar

Every cubicle needs a calendar, so you may as well bring in something that adds life to your cubicle. A personalized calendar might contain a picture of your dog each month or it might just be focused on your favorite sports team. Either way, simple decoration can be hung from your cubicle walls to add a sense of personality.

Make Your Cubicle Unique

A cubicle with personality is much more fun to work in than a boring, drab cubicle. Consider enacting the above techniques to decorate your cubicle and enrich your desk experience.

Looking for other cubicle and desk solutions? Contact the team at Office Furniture Direct today to discover how we can help you.



If your office is like many around the nation, space in the common areas is probably in short supply. Fortunately, there are solutions that you can use to maximize your common spaces.

Today, we’re going to go over a few excellent and easy ways to save space in the common areas of your office. How many of them can you enact?

Get Clutter Out of the Area

Clutter is the opposite of saving space. It’s also the opposite of the way that most offices would like to portray themselves. Clutter is unprofessional and can easily make your office look messy. One of the best ways that you can save space in common areas is to identify and remove clutter as quickly as possible.

Have the office manager do an audit of all current common areas and look for anything that’s simply taking up space. Look for things that are not adding any value to the room and simply get rid of them.

Once you have gotten rid of clutter, you can move on to space-saving techniques, such as adaptable furniture or using accessories in vertical spaces.

Begin with Adaptable Furniture

Adaptable furniture is somewhat new — it aims to make the most of your available space by giving you more control over your areas. An example of adaptable furniture might be a group of desks that form up to create a conference table and then break apart to form individual workstations.

Most adaptable and flexible furniture like this comes with wheels, too. When it’s not needed for the current project, you can pack it away with ease, as well.

Use Vertical Space

Vertical spaces are everywhere, but many offices fail to use them. Consider buying several rows of shelving for that empty wall or a few hooks that you can combine with a hat rack to make a clothing area. Many common areas, such as the place near reception, would be a great option for vertical space-saving practices.

Empower the Office Manager

Does your office have an office manager? If nobody is in charge of managing the office itself, consider creating that position today. The office manager will play a vital role in saving space throughout the office, including the common spaces. It’s their job to keep everything running and looking great.

With a little time and effort, you can make the most of the common areas in your office. Make sure to eliminate any clutter. Everything in a given space should have a clear purpose.

If you are in need of some new space-saving solutions for your office, contact the team at Office Furniture Direct today.



Your office’s meeting spaces are where the tone is set for your projects, goals, and big ideas. Creating a space that appeals to your team members, but also prompts their creativity and innovation is important. Not only can it improve your bottom line, but it can also provide inspiration to the problem-solvers in your business.

Need ideas to maximize your workplace and take your team to the next level? Here are some of our top suggestions to create inspirational meeting spaces.

Create Glass-Walled Meeting Areas

Show your employees that transparency and open collaboration are at the top of your checklist. Glass-walled meeting spaces keep your floor plan open and airy, while still giving team members the quiet areas that they need to create and strategize effectively.

Glass can act as a whiteboard for active (and fun) note-taking or drawing up a specific vision in real time, ensuring that your office remains a dynamic and exciting workplace.

Provide Tech-Friendly Features

As businesses continue to implement remote work and collaborate with team members around the world, it’s important to create a space that allows for easy plug-and-play virtual collaboration in your shared physical spaces. Consider the tech features that you can bring to your office spaces to make this easier.

Invest in Your “Agora”

There’s a reason why so much learning happened in the stair-like structures of the Greek agoras. This type of space allows everyone to easily see speakers and peers, while also allowing participants to move around to collaborate.

A central meeting place can offer high school assembly-style gatherings or a casual setting for members of different project groups to exchange ideas. Whether you can install an actual stair structure or not, creating a central point in your office where ideas are easily discussed and exchanged is a great way to invest in innovative communication within the workplace.

Build Quirky Spaces

Keep the minds of your creative team awake with interesting spaces. Some businesses are making smaller meeting areas that resemble campsites, where employees can sit on bench “logs” and cushion “rocks.” Others have incorporated cozy restaurant booths or exciting colors. No matter what kind of unique space you design, keeping things fresh in a way that plays into your company brand can help to spark new ideas and keep excitement in your workspace.

Get the Help You Need

Looking for creative ways to maximize your meeting spaces? Let us help! Contact us at (503) 546-1546 and allow one of our friendly Office Furniture Direct representatives to help you find the solutions you need to take your business to the next level.

Whether you’re looking to make your work area a distraction-free space or you’re trying to protect against the transmission of the coronavirus, dividing a shared office can provide lots of benefits. Contrary to popular belief, dividing up an office area doesn’t have to mean making everything into tiny, square boxes or having a boring room layout.

To help you redesign your space and maximize your focus, while protecting your creative thinking, we’ve compiled our top tips for keeping things exciting in a shared office space.

The Shared Work-from-Home Space

If you’re struggling to share the home office slash junk room that was mostly untouched until COVID-19, you’re not alone. The work-from-home lifestyle has left people around the world trying to find ways to split their home office, instead of pushing a spouse or roommate out to the kitchen table.

Bookshelf Dividers

Place two simple, full-height bookshelves side by side through the middle of the room. If they’re solid-backed, one will face you to hold your work essentials, while the other faces away, toward your partner, creating a simple wall for art and photos. If you go with see-through bookshelves, try filling them with items that look great from both sides, like plants and globes.

Long Side-by-Side Desks

In this setup, you and your officemate can work side by side at a desk that’s long enough to allow two separate workspaces. Split the area between your chairs with a low credenza or filing cabinet.

Mid-Room Splits

Face your desks toward one another with a divider wall between you to split the room down the middle. Alternatively, you can opt for a two-person desk that easily splits the room for you.

Keeping the Crew Safe

Your business can still thrive with a creative space, even if you need to divide up an open area to protect the people in your office.

Here’s our favorite space-dividing ideas for shared office spaces:

Solero Dividers

As our top pick, these dividers work like building blocks. Rearrange the dividers into a variety of shapes and sizes, mount them to a wall, or let them stand freely. With the perfect size to protect personal space without giving off the illusion of complete isolation, Solero Dividers also help to reduce noise, while having the optional feature of a blurred “window” installment.

Mobile Whiteboard Dividers

A great way to divide any workspace, placing whiteboard dividers not only allows for the ability to constantly reinvent the office layout, but it also offers ample space for new ideas and note-taking.

We Can Help!

Have questions about the best ways to divide your office? Whether you’re struggling with a tight space or need to accommodate your whole team, Office Furniture Direct has got what you need! Contact us at (503) 546-1546 and let us help you take control of your office space!

Storage Solutions for Small Workspaces

One of the best ways to increase your work efficiency is to declutter your workspace. There’s only so much “stuff” a small office can contain, though, which can sometimes make things more difficult when you want to keep your workspace organized and tidy.

The good news, though, is that there are plenty of ways that you can optimize your work area, even if it is on the smaller side. Take a look below for some of our top tips for maximizing storage in small places.

Wall Mount Storage Options

When your floor and desk are overflowing, it might be a sign that you’ve overlooked one of the best storage spaces…your walls! People have been installing shelves for years. However, there are several crafty and practical wall mounts that have also recently become popular.

  • Pegboard systems are a great way to save space in your drawers and on your desktop. They can be used to hold office supplies such as scissors, headphones, and short cords.
  • Corkboards are great for posting or clipping notes, papers, and appointment cards. Even in a digitized world, many people prefer a physical reminder of upcoming tasks and goals.
  • Wall boxes are perfect for collecting office mail and for storing folders (especially for files that need to be shared with others!).

By using storage solutions that can mount on your walls, you’ll leave your desk open to be used for focused tasks, instead of piles of clutter.

Cord Organizers

The digital age has made the typical office look like a sound engineer’s booth, filled with cords and cables strewn everywhere. It’s not uncommon for an office (or a desk) to contain a laptop, a phone, a printer or copier, a tablet, and other electronic devices.

Cable organizers and boxes are an excellent way to collect and restrict cords by securing them to parts of a desk or a wall out of view — and more importantly, out of your way!

You can even get power modules to ensure that your office has suitable outlets to power all of those gadgets!


There are plenty of attractive shelving options for people who want to save space in their office, but sometimes a better use of those spaces becomes necessary.

Containing smaller items that don’t normally belong on a shelf is an excellent way to eliminate clutter. You can open up a significant amount of space in the office by using baskets and containers of various sizes to store materials that you want easy access to. Because baskets and bins come in a variety of sizes and styles, you can even use them to make your space brighter and more personalized to your individual tastes.

When you’re simply stuck and want to optimize your tiny office, you can also consider enlisting the help of a professional space planner. It can go a long way towards designing that organized and unhampered office you’ve been dreaming of!

Relaxing Break Rooms:  5 Trends for Shared Spaces

Intuitive business owners know that relaxing and aesthetically pleasing workspaces can improve employee performance. Comfortable employees are less distracted and more productive.

This idea isn’t limited to isolated offices or cubicles. Most business models encourage collaboration and teamwork as central principles of their success. This makes it even more important for companies to fashion functional, yet appealing spaces that colleagues can share.

This includes the break room.

Let’s take a look at five trends will improve the utility of your break room, while also making sure that it becomes a place that is inviting for employees.

1. Take Advantage of Natural Lighting

Apart from offering the opportunity to view the world outside and feel a pleasant breeze, windows allow natural sunlight to brighten the workspace.

Our body’s natural rhythms are tethered to daylight. No matter what kinds of lights you have in your common spaces, they simply cannot replicate some of the things that sunlight can do, such as:

  • Boost mood
  • Reduce eye strain and headaches
  • Limit lethargy

Additionally, natural light saves on energy costs.

2. Consider Your Amenities

Too often, the break room becomes a catch-all that looks like a large broom closet. But its ultimate purpose is to provide employees a place to eat, drink, and interact with each other.

Consider how many of your fondest memories include time spent with others in a coffee shop or a pub. Food and beverages invite community. Separating out storage space and gathering zones can foster excitement in your workforce.

3. Think About Functionality

Populate your break room space with several different types of tables. A standing bar table provides relief for people who’ve been sitting all day. Side tables allow someone to sit on a couch with a book without also having to hold a cup of coffee. Round tables allow small teams of colleagues the opportunity to sit and converse.

When you’re thinking about seating, pay attention to how many people use the break room to ensure that there will be a place for everyone.

4. Get Creative with the Furniture

Tables and chairs serve an important function, but sometimes, an employee just wants to de-stress. This goal can be accomplished with strategic selections of furniture.

Beyond the standard couch or lounge chair — which can still be useful —  why not hang a hammock or a couple of swings in the room if the space allows?

And for the intense employee who best decompresses through physical movement, an exercise ball or a set of yoga mats might be a nice option.

5. Differentiate Your Spaces

No one enjoys a break room that looks just like every other room in the office. Consult with a specialist who can suggest color schemes, unique fixtures, or creative ways to use a conventional or outdated space.

Solutions for Noise in a Crowded Office Space

Many businesses are searching for ways to improve efficiency, space management, and collaborative working styles. Because of this, office spaces with open floor plans have become increasingly popular. While this type of floor plan can be helpful in some ways, it increases the likelihood of office noise.

In some cases, the distracting noise from a crowded office space can offset the potential benefits. Below, we will examine several common solutions for decreasing noise in a crowded office space.

Removing CPU Hardware from Desks

Many offices still store CPU hardware on the desks of employees. This not only decreases employees’ available working space, but also increases office noise.

CPU boxes may contain hardware that makes sounds, as well as fans to keep the internal components cool. A simple solution to this problem is to store computer hardware below the desks of employees.

In fact, some modern office desks are designed to store computer hardware below the desk’s surface. This will increase the available desk space and make the office space quieter.

Install Plants

While most people do not realize it, plants can help to absorb the sounds from conversations and other office noises. Additionally, environments with plants and other natural features have been proven to positively affect people’s moods and support psychological health.

Encourage employees to decorate their desks with their favorite plants. Some offices even install a “living wall,” which is covered with vines and other plant life. Plants are a great option for decreasing unwanted office noise.

Install Panel Dividers

Installing panel dividers in an office can help to maintain the advantages of an open floor plan without allowing noise levels to get out of control. Panel dividers can be used to create different zones in an office. Some examples include:

  • Quiet zones for work that requires concentration
  • Meeting areas for lively discussions and problem solving
  • Breakout areas for socializing or collaboration
  • IT zones to house stand-alone units and noisy equipment

Installing partitions can help to contain necessary office noise to designated areas. This allows individual employees to maintain their focus.

High Quality Office Furniture and Accessories

Beyond absorbing and containing office sounds, another way to decrease office noise is to invest in high quality office furniture. For instance, old and cheaply made desk chairs may creak or pop when they move.

Investing in first-rate office chairs can help to decrease the ambient noise of a functioning office space.  The same is true for a range of office furniture and accessories. Any accessory or piece of furniture with moving parts is a potential source of office noise.

When working in a crowded office space, decreasing unwanted office noise can improve productivity, collaboration, and efficiency.


What Are the Best Options for Standing Desks in Cubicle Office Environments?

Sitting for too long each day can have negative health effects. For instance, people who sit too much have an increased risk of heart disease, diabetes, and early death. This presents an obvious problem for office workers, who tend to sit at office desks for the majority of their workday.

Because of the negative health effects of sitting too much, standing desks have become increasingly popular. Standing desks, also referred to as “stand-up” desks, are work surfaces that allow you to stand comfortably while completing the functions of an office job. Below, we will discuss some of the best options for standing desks in cubicle office environments.


The most important feature of a standing desk is the ability to adjust the desk’s height and position. Some standing desks are fixed in a particular position. Avoid purchasing this type of standing desk.

As we mentioned above, improved posture is one of the health benefits of standing while you work. Because of this, you may find that you stand differently at your desk after you have been using it for a few weeks or months.

In a cubicle office environment, there will likely be circumstances or particular interactions for which standing is not ideal. Buying an adjustable standing desk will allow you to lower the work surface and sit in an office chair when necessary.

Electrical Adjustment

Some lower quality standing desks feature a crank system to raise and lower the work surface. Superior models feature an electrical adjustment system.

Electric standing desks can be adjusted conveniently with a built-in keypad. Many models offer an automatic syncing feature to adjust to different users’ preferences with a single button push.

When considering a standing desk, be sure that it offers electrical height adjustment.

Sufficient Weight Capacity

When you are purchasing a height adjustable table or desk, the maximum weight capacity is an important factor to consider. Although the desk may only need to support a small computer or laptop on a daily basis, work circumstances in which multiple people are using a desk are likely to arise.

The average weight capacity of a standing desk ranges from 200-300 lbs. Buying a standing desk with a higher support capacity allows for multiple workers to use the desk if the needs of the office change. Some office workers require a range of CPU hardware, multiple monitors, and other tools that quickly increase the required weight capacity of their desk.

When buying a standing desk for a cubicle office environment, it is important to consider all of these important factors to determine the best option.


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