Open office spaces are increasingly popular in the workforce, as many employers value a more connected work culture. However, it is still necessary for employees to have private spaces in which to complete their work and have quiet decompression time after meetings. 

Office furniture, like dividers and tables, can play a large role in your employees’ privacy by creating individualized spaces in the office. 

Looking to add a little bit of privacy into an open office space? Here are our top tips!

Use Mobile Furniture

Buy furniture with wheels so you can frequently rearrange the office space. This allows you to customize where your employees’ workspaces are placed and put up appropriate organizers. 

Office chairs with wheels have long been a popular choice in office settings to allow employees to feel comfortable and connected. 

Tables with wheels are another good option to create flexible meeting spaces, moving workstations at the request of your employees and other office needs. This can also keep your office space fresh and new as you experiment with different configurations. 

Install Cubicles

While isolated cubicle arrangements are a thing of the past in most offices, you can install modern, open cubicles. This gives your employees the option to close off their workstations for privacy and productivity. 

Modern cubicle stations have flexible sides that can be open or closed depending on the needs of your employees. 

Cubicles are also a good idea to break up some of the open space, which can be distracting in busy seasons. If you need your employees to focus on big projects or individual tasks, flexible cubicles are the way to go. After all, cubicles don’t have to be outdated and closed off to be effective. 

Decorate with Plants

If your office space is lacking in plant life, consider adding some tall greenery to the workplace. This gives a natural, relaxing feel to the office space while also having the added benefit of increased privacy. 

Gain Office Privacy with Tips from Office Furniture Direct

At Office Furniture Direct, we offer office furniture, cubicle walls, and accessories that can help you to customize your workspace. We’ll even schedule a free consultation and assess your specific workplace to give you and your employees the best layout tips for productivity and satisfaction. Contact us today for all of your office furniture needs!

Let us take care of your office needs with a Professional Consultation

Take full advantage of your workspace by consulting with our team. When you schedule a free design consultation, one of our staff members visits your location to assess your available space and help you design a floor plan for your new office furniture that meets all your functional and stylistic needs.

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